Activate Womb Intelligence Audio Course

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Activate Womb Intelligence Audio Course





You’re a strong, smart, independent woman. Dedicated to doing your best to show up in the world for your friends, family and for yourself.

But what does that actually look like? How can you tap into your innate feminine wisdom? How can you become stronger, calmer, more embodied and more powerful?

In this revolutionary course, Therese Jornlin demonstrates how your womb is your greatest link to your physical, emotional and spiritual health and is the source of your innate feminine wisdom and power.

What is Included?

  • Understand the vital life force in your womb

  • Understand how societal narratives have suppressed female wisdom

  • Understand the deep natural intelligence in your cycle

  • Understand the importance of reclaiming your biology

  • Learn how to cycle consciously

  • Learn how to awaken and activate your womb intelligence

  • Understand embodied action and leadership

  • Understand sacred sex and life energy

What Will This Course Will Do For You?

  • Integrate you at home in your body – reconnected, rejuvenated and alive

  • Cultivate and magnify your natural female intuition

  • Learn how to cycle consciously and harness new vital energy

  • Deepen and enliven your sex life with sacred sex

  • Become increasingly grounded, centered and confident in yourself, your body and your mission

I’d call myself a grounded person and ‘successful’ in the eyes of the world, but I had no idea that my own body, literally, is a storehouse of power and wisdom able to lead me each day. Every week was like coming home to a ‘home’ I didn’t even know I was missing–within my body, my cycle, the earth and the circle of women. I now feel a commitment and have the tools to make the body a sacred space amidst my busy life.
I cannot put into words what this class has done for me. I can only say that it has changed me profoundly – the way I see the world and my place in it.