Qi Gong Workshop - Carbondale, CO

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Qi Gong Workshop - Carbondale, CO


Free Intro: Oct 4th, 6pm- 7pm
Workshop: Oct 5th, 1pm- 5pm; Oct 6th, 9am- 5pm

Roaring Fork Aikikai, 2553 Dolores Way, Carbondale, CO 81623

Early Bird (until Sept 1st): $175
Regular price (after Sept 1st): $195

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The slow movements of Qi Gong are therapeutic and energizing, enabling you to harmonize your body, mind and emotions. Feel your place of belonging in the world and experience your body as the ‘meeting place’ between above and below – connected to everything.


Join us for a two-day workshop to experience this ancient Chinese method of healing, developed by Dr. Pang Ming in China’s largest medicine-less hospital, the Huaxia Zhieng Qi Gong Center.

  • Learn basic principles and life-changing movements to heal and awaken your innate flow of life-force.

  • Tap into the communication your body is always having with the world around you.

  • Explore the use of sound in the practice of qi gong and its effect on the brain and the organs.

‘Swimming’ in the sea of chi in Therese’s Qi Gong classes beats swimming in an Olympic pool, a rushing river, a sparkling lake or for that matter, a pristine ocean. No kidding. After a while of practicing Qi Gong, I feel like I’m floating, held, reconnected and healed.
Therese presents these arts in a way that my body understands immediately, without having to go through the mental filter. My time with her doing Qi Gong was particularly powerful, as I was going through a difficult time both physically and emotionally, and she was right there with me, guiding me gently through the sequence and encouraging us all to follow through and practice, practice!
Qi Gong is like putting a warm blanket around myself. It’s like I’ve found a secret that my body has known for ages.