Weekly Qi Gong Classes - Online


Weekly Qi Gong Classes - Online

from 15.00

QI Gong online. Join the chi-field through the web!

DATES: Next 7 week series begins in September

TIME: 6pm EST - 7pm EST

TAP IN: You’ll receive an email each class with link to ZOOM live video conference

COST: $15/class. Register one class at a time—any time!

$85/ seven classes

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The simple, mindful movements of medical Qi Gong calm your nervous system, expand your awareness and awaken your innate and inexhaustible life-force. Check out one class or sign up for the series to tap into the "chi-field" from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you are in the world!

I feel like I’ve found a secret. No one would believe such slow movements could generate such big changes! Because of Qi Gong my health is back!
— S.J.
I’ve never had the experience of simultaneously feeling completely embodied while at the same time feeling empty and connected to everything. Learning medical Qi Gong with Therese and practicing with others in the class has become a life-line.
— M.T.