Therese Jornlin incorporates holistic health teachings from the East and the West to help you thrive in your modern day lifestyle. She is a gifted teacher, a hands-on therapist and a transformational coach providing her offerings through classes, teaching locally and nationally, sharing professional resources, engaging in collaborative efforts, community gatherings and individual sessions. She is a guide back to the basics...back to your origins...back to your innate capacity to heal and empower yourself. 

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"Being healthy is as dynamic as being alive...ever changing, disintegrating, and regenerating."


Reclaiming the Wisdom of Female Biology

Therese at TEDxWilmington

Therese delivers a powerful TEDx on what it means to live inside female skin today--and how women can begin to tap into their biological powerhouse.

Spaces are now available for the next Women Awake course--the in-depth program that informed and inspired this talk.  

Your being is always whole, well and wise!

What if the pain in your body, your exhaustion, your anger or grief, your longing, each challenging life transition, even a diagnosis - what if all of these were essential components of the very medicine you needed to return to your whole, well and wise self?

Being healthy is as dynamic as being alive and involves every aspect of our lives. The foods we eat, the way we move, the thoughts we ingest, our interaction with stress, the relationships we keep, the male or female skin we inhabit are all involved in a returning to our natural state of wellness. Being healthy in body, mind and heart is a practice and a lifestyle that asks for your compassionate attention and active participation.

Women Awake

a Transformational course

Women Awake is a life-changing experience and a shared journey of re-membering, re-claiming and re-empowering what it means to be inside female skin at this time in history, on earth and in this decade of your life. 



Yoga can be practiced by anyone who has a body and breathes. It is a whole system of health that incorporates every aspect of living, and can be applied in any setting. Yoga-Roots offers weekly classes and in depth courses.


Private Sessions

one on one with therese

Your body is your greatest investment, your highest offering and is most worthy of your attention. Therese's integrative approach will support you in the healing and activation of your body,  your being and your purpose.  Learn more about working one-on-one with Therese.

Medical QI GONG


This ancient Chinese method of healing has been developed by Dr. Pang Ming and used in China's largest medicineless hospital. The methods are gentle and compassionate practices that awaken the body’s innate and inexhaustible life-force.



Educational presentations

Therese speaks to a range of groups, from large corporations to small circles of engaged individuals and everything in between. Her lectures are inspiring and innovative, with compassionate doses of challenge.  



Educational and ceremonial gatherings that help build connection and community. Check here to also learn about similar events hosted by others.