Therese has given keynotes and offered various talks at universities, hospitals, national conferences, small business conferences, women’s forums, yoga studios, integrative health clinics, foundations/non-profits and other related venues. Her message is relevant for any audience because it carries information and inspiration about how to be a human being in a land of human doing. If you breathe and have a body her message is pertinent, practical, inspiring, thought provoking, enlightening and nourishing.


  • Breath: The Secret Medicine to Managing Stress 

  • Disintegration: a Requirement for the Health of Institutions
  • Foodless Nutrition

  • “BEing” Female: Wake Up Your Cycle, Wake Up Your Leadership

  • You Already Meditate

  • The Power of Doing Nothing, Tolerating Discomfort

Therese has an ability to make information transformational. Her talks are innovative, inspirational and thought-provoking. Her life-time of study and reflection has enabled her to translate complex or taboo topics with ease and humor. In most of her talks, she tirelessly emphasizes our interdependence with each other and the earth, reminding us that we are connected and that we have the innate capacity to heal ourselves, our communities and our planet. Her talks tend to have this strange combination of nourishment and challenge, inviting you to pause, to reflect and reconsider how you perceive and move in the world. 


"Therese is a passionate speaker whose commitment to the well-being of women, men, children, and our earth is inspirational. She has changed lives with her teaching - our time with her was transformative." -Alice E., Professor

"Her talks and teachings are always heart-centered, innovative and inspirational while also being practical and full of pertinent information. Plus she never loses sight of the truth that the wisdom you seek is already inside you.  Through her talks, I've felt awakenings and challenge - and always taken far and wide, to places I never imagined I could go. You will experience not just a teacher but a lifelong seeker and practitioner who is called to share what she knows with compassion and in the spirit of unity and community-building." -Gale F., Teacher and Writer