"You are always whole, well and wise. Healing is a matter of returning to this fact. All doctors, teachers, herbs, medications, therapies, techniques, and rituals serve to bring you to your innate wisdom, health and power. Your body is your most precious instrument and worthy of your highest regard and attention."

-therese jornlin


Ultimately being in a state of health and empowerment is an ‘inside job’ that requires inclusion of the mental, emotional and physical aspects of being in a body. Being ‘healthy’ is an on-going daily dynamic that Therese can help you enjoy. For over 25 years, she has used an integrative approach, applying her extensive training in yoga (as taught in India), meditation, therapeutic bodywork, nutrition, yoga psychology and her own life experience to support you in returning to your inner reservoirs of health and well-being, of peace and purpose.


All sessions are personalized to your evolving needs and abilities and may include:

  • Transformational coaching in person or via phone/Skype

  • Therapeutic bodywork (hands-on or long-distance healing)

  • Learning daily whole-health practices that might include

-Healing the breath techniques

-Techniques to transform thoughts and emotions

-Mindful movement (based in yoga and qi gong)

-Learning about food basics and foodless nutrition


For over 25 years, Therese has worked with people of all ages dealing with a wide variety of issues including:

  • Stress reduction

  • Chronic or acute physical pain

  • Psychological distress

  • Whole-health maintenance and personal development

  • Terminal illness

  • Bereavement and grief

  • Recovery from medical or accidental trauma

  • Pregnancy, Post-partum and infant massage


  • In-person or long distance via phone/Skype. Sessions times may be an hour or hour and a half depending on our focus

  • Initial Consultation - the first session is an hour and a half in order to determine the best course of action for your needs, wants and lifestyle.


“Within this fathomlong body is found all the teachings: is found suffering, the cause of suffering and the end of suffering.”

-The Buddha



"Therese is a mid-wife of the soul. I came to her with issues in my body that I knew were related to stress at work. Her training combined with her compassion, creativity and wisdom all combined to help me land in what felt like my soul.”

“Therese is not just a massage therapist, she is a healer. She brings out my inner strength and keeps me balanced, physically and emotionally. I have gone to many massage therapists who work on my body. Therese, though, gets deeper into the center of my being and helps me revive my core energy.”  Berta K.

"I am so glad Therese is finally getting this website because you could only find her by word of mouth, if you were lucky enough! And I was one of the lucky ones. She's helped me in numerous ways over the years, offering healing help to my mind and my body, and giving me tools to make health and well being happen in my life on my own." -Cathy C., Therapist 

"Therese not only helped me directly, she also provided me with the tools and knowledge so that I could help myself. A friend recommended I see her regularly because I was dealing with a serious medical condition that had some nexus in stress. Initially we started with therapeutic bodywork. Then over time, she taught me breathing techniques, movement and meditation practices and then supported me in radically changing my nutrition. I wasn’t particularly well informed about such things and Therese was very good about explaining the science, theory and even the history behind thesetechniques, as well as why these tools can help in a very real and practical way. After a few months, the medical issues began to subside. Her direct help was immediately useful and the instruction around breathing, movement and nutrition has been invaluable in my every day life. Working with her was a turning point in my health." -Tom M., Lawyer

Therese’s presence, her hands on work and other ministrations was invaluable to my husband, who was dealing with cancer. She extended her care to me as well, which always gave me peace. When she would be with him, he enjoyed relief from pain. He told me that he always felt touched physically, emotionally and spiritually. We both experienced feeling deeply loved in our whole being. On his last day on earth, her calm and loving leadership helped us anoint him and release him. That circle in those final hours enabled him to have a conscious death without fear. So much love and thanksgiving to her.  -Sue W.

"Therese uses several modalities to provide a truly unique and healing form of body work. Her practice helped me heal both short-term physical and long-standing emotional pain. Transformative!" -Regina A., Mother and Non-profit Executive

"I endured the most traumatic loss...the greatest challenge to my heart and soul. My beautiful son, an Army medic serving in Irag, was killed. As the darkness covered every aspect of my life, somehow I found Therese. Through painful heart spasms and tears, Therese met me and led me out of my dark basement into God's light again. Deeply listening, offering me insights, doing energy work, giving me tools to help myself, allowing me more tears, some laughter came too. Her coaching transformed me. The strength she helped me to restore to myself has allowed me to listen to and share this light with the soldiers who knew and served with my son...solider who did come home..riddled with their own guilt and sorrows. I now share in their lives with their spouses and children . More importantly we smile and laugh and none of us are afraid to remember Stephen."  -Bobbi M., Teacher

"Therese Jornlin has an amazing insight to your needs, both physical and emotional. Her hands are extremely knowledgeable and once they touch you, she knows just what your body needs on any given day. I have been a client for more than ten years and have benefited greatly from her bodywork and her counsel."     -Karen D., Happy Grandmother