MEDICAL qi gong

‘Qi’ or ‘Chi’ means life-force. ‘Gong’ means perseverance or anything worthy of your daily effort. Master teachers explain, “If you don’t do your gong, you won’t get the chi.” You, your body and your being are worthy of your greatest effort and most compassionate attention!

This ancient Chinese method of healing is a gentle and compassionate practice that awakens the body’s innate and inexhaustible life-force. The slow movements are therapeutic in nature and feel energizing. The teachings draw from the tradition developed and researched by Dr. Pang Ming in China’s largest medicineless hospital, named Huaxia Zhieng Qi Gong Center. This tradition has been brought to the U.S. under the brand Chilel Qi Gong and Wisdom Healing Qi Gong. Therese teaches the forms from Level l in various formats (i.e. weekly classes, immersion workshops). A DVD and CD of the practices are made available to ensure your home practice.


“Everyone is born with chi the same way you are born with the potential to swim. The potential to swim isn’t the same as swimming though. Similarly, having chi within the body isn’t the same as utilizing chi for your highest health, performance and steadiness of mind. Qigong helps teach you how to interact, direct and balance your own innate life-force.”

-Luke and Frank Chan, Chilel Center 


“I’ve never had the experience of simultaneously feeling completely embodied while at the same time feeling completely empty and connected to everything. Learning medical Qi Gong with Therese and practicing with others in the class has become a life-line.” -M.T.

"I've taken a variety of classes with Therese, which was why I took the Qi Gong class. Highly recommended. Besides teaching us the forms step by step with clear explanation and helpful images, she embodies it. That fact helped me embody it. I just need to practice it more on my own!" -Susan F., Small business owner

"Being a student in Therese's Qi Gong class got me through an extremely challenging time in my life. That class and the other's I have taken with her have changed my life. She is a rare and remarkable person, who skillfully teaches movement, breath, stillness and so much more." -Susan B., Teacher

I have taken both Qi Gong and yoga with Therese Jornlin, and my experience with her in both cases was exceptional. She has a way of presenting these arts in a way that my body understands immediately, without having to go through the mental filter. My time with her doing Qi Gong was particularly powerful, as I was going through a difficult time both physically and emotionally, and she was right there with me, guiding me gently through the sequence, at the same time encouraging us all to follow through and practice, practice! I have recommended her classes to many of my friends and clients, and will continue to do so, without reserve. Thank you, Therese!     - Sarah M., Naturopath and Teacher