Breath as Medicine Workshop


Breath as Medicine Workshop

from 160.00

DATE: Saturday November 2nd - Sunday November 3rd

TIME: 9:30am - 4:30pm

LOCATION: The Lotus Center, 100 Williams Road, Elkton, Maryland

WORKSHOP FEES (Includes tuition, materials and audios)

New Guests:

Early Bird Discount (through Sept 29th): $290

Regular Price (after Sept 29th): $320

Other discounts:

Yoga Teachers: $225

BAM Alumni (must have taken one BAM course already): $160

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"The cascading effects of shallow breathing are monumental, affecting every system of the body. The strain this presents on our biochemistry, over time, is life-threatening" -- Cleveland Clinic

For centuries yogis have understood the intimate relationship between the mind and the breath—and now science is catching up. The primary movement of your body and most powerful force in your life is the quiet cycling of your breath. Consciously learning how to breath in movement and stillness, agitation and joy can lower your heart rate, alleviate stress, enhance concentration, support sleep and expand your capacity for life-force.

After you meet your breath, you can listen and assess its needs and, together, you can open its capacity, slow it down and cultivate steadiness that will serve you in all of the ups and downs of life. Plus, BREATHING IS FREE and always ready to play and serve you!

  • Learn how the B.A.M. Method can heal your breath capacity

  • Study the anatomy, technology and spirituality of breathing

  • Take control of your habitual patterns of mind by taking control of your breath

  • Adapt your practice and your teaching to the rhythm of the breath

  • Nourish your body with Food-less Nutrition 

  • Discover how your biological cycles connect you with the earth’s cycle


This is the most valuable yoga information that I’ve ever been given… actually, the most valuable information I’ve been given for my own health and life!
All of the Breath As Medicine courses have introduced me to the teacher of all teachers, the healer of all healers and gift of all gifts: My own breath!
Extraordinary. Deeply moving. Life changing. Do not miss the opportunity to share Therese’s practice and her wisdom.