Currently, Therese teaches Women Awake as a ten week in-depth course, but its teachings have been shared in various formats from lectures to immersion seminars to a year long course. Our vision includes developing more programs for girls and women, connecting with other women's programs and beginning collaborations with men. 


Through this transformational course, women wake up to their passions, their purpose and questions that are otherwise considered taboo. To continue to be of support, Women Awake is ready to grow into its second trimester! Areas of expansion include:

  • Facilitator training program for WA with Therese Jornlin
  • PART II OF WOMEN AWAKE: Sensuality, Sexuality, Sex and Death
  • Taking the course online to include the global community
  • Circle-Ups: The Connection Continues
  • Support for Life Transitions: Support for Coming-of-Age programs for girls, Rituals at the true coming-of-age in Menopause, Blessing Way Celebration for Mothers, Rituals for Change and Loss, Learning to Live a Ritualized Life
  • The Earth Body=Female Body: Experiential programs that continue to heal our connection to the earth.
  • Implement structures to bring these teachings to girls and women in the developing world with the intention of CO-CREATING programs that nourish our connection as women on one planet in need of each other’s gifts.
  • Establish connections and collaborations with other women leaders in this field


For Women Awake to be whole and full-bodied, the vision includes men. We envision creating an international collaborative of men and women who are dedicated to facilitating the healing and awakening of our unique potential as men and women, girls and boys in our communities, on a planet that we all love. Because we all start in the womb, Women Awake has also started there. We believe the time is now ripe to ask those men who have tirelessly committed themselves to the healing, initiation and empowerment of boys and men to join us in co-creating collaborative events. Imagine the healing and transformation that can occur when the circles of men and women come together intentionally--a round table of men and women learning and listening, practicing and protecting being fully male and fully female together...for the sake of our selves, our children and the planet.